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  1. hello mister Todd McAulty. mi name is sarah and few days ago i ordered from amazon the paperback version of Robots of Gotham novel.
    the reason i decide to buy your book is because i am a fan of a 1997 tabletop rpg game book called Reign of Steel:

    on the present post apocalypse year of 2047 of reign of steel story, the world is also ruled by several different artificial intelligence entities, none human-friendly.
    like in your machine apocalypse universe, on reign of steel each entities governance a country but unlike in your book, there are no humans who govern some countries.
    here is the map of how the 2047 world of reign of steel rules by several AI’s look like:

    you can also read the story of Reign of Steel here:

    can you please email me back? mi mail is:

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