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Who is this Todd McAulty person?

I was born in Nova Scotia, and spent most of my teen years there. I studied Engineering at the University of Illinois, and was a manager at a 15-person software company in Champaign, Illinois. Microsoft purchased our first product in 1995 and renamed it Internet Explorer 1.0, and I spent the next 20 years as a software entrepreneur with a series of start-ups in and around Chicago.

I published my first piece of fiction, “The Haunting of Cold Harbour,” in Black Gate magazine in 2002. A long novella entitled “The Robots of Gotham” was scheduled to appear in Black Gate 16 in 2012, but the magazine folded with issue 15.  I continued to revise and expand the story, and in June 2018 it was published in hardcover by Houghton Mifflin Harcourt as my debut novel, The Robots of Gotham. By that point, it had grown to 688 pages.

I currently work at a machine learning company in Chicago, and continue to write. Presently I’m working on The Ghosts of Navy Pier, a new novel set in the same world as The Robots of Gotham.

Author photo by Alice Dechene. 


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